Creating Active Communities 2019
Delivering A New Approach
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2ND MAY 2019

Creating Active Communities 2019

08:00-09:10 Registration, Morning tea, Coffee and Networking
09:10-11:00 Morning Plenary Session 1 - Barbirolli Room
Chair`s Opening Address
  • Welcome to the Creating Active Communities Conference!
Yvonne Harrison (confirmed)
Managing Director
Project `92
Changing the System – the early story of the Local Delivery Pilots
  • How the challenge of inactivity binds us as a system
  • To change behaviour in people , we may need to change our own
  •  People and place – the story of the pilots as a story of us and a story of now
  • Relationships not transactions
  •  The leadership challenge
Chris Perks (confirmed)
Executive Director Local Delivery
Sport England
Greater Manchester Moving: A Whole System Approach to Addressing Inactivity
  •  The Greater Manchester journey
  • Progress and learning so far
  • Current priorities, opportunities and challenges
  • Where next for GM Moving?
  • Learning and future questions for system leaders
Hayley Lever (confirmed)
Strategic Manager
GM Moving
Bringing Communities Together Through Group Exercise
  • Overview of key stats and facts on group exercise
  • Highlighting the mental and physical health benefits, social and economic benefits
  • Accessing group exercise in local communities
Emma Forward (confirmed)
Chief Operating Officer
10:10-10:30 Headline Sponsor Presentation
“Healthy Places To Be” – The worlds cities are growing fast but so are its citizens.
  • How we design and construct our environment is key to controlling disease, like sanitation and cholera in the 19thcentury todays battle is against obesity and to help preserve our physical and mental health.
  • Inactivity creates heart disease, diabetes and a myriad of other health problems: our lazy lifestyles are hitting back and costing us dearly.
  • The case study will explore through a series of vignette schemes, some of the ways our everyday spaces can help fight this battle and the many benefits they can bring to society.
Simon Ward (confirmed)
Atkins UK Head of Discipline for Landscape Architecture and Urban design.
Atkins Global
10:30-10:45 Questions and answers with the panel
10:45-11:25 Refreshments and Networking
Served in the exhibitor zone
11:30-12:30 Morning Plenary Session 2 - Barbirolli Room
Greater Manchester: A Population Health Plan
Andy Burnham (confirmed)
Mayor of Manchester
Greater Manchester Combined Authority
Case Study Presentation from Motitech
  • The Road World Championships for seniors
  • Active ageing
Matt Archer (confirmed)
Market & Business Developer
Motitech UK
Jan Inge Ebbesvik (confirmed)
President for the Road Worlds for Seniors
Using Technology to Create Social Change
  • Inspiration. Why I do what I do
  • Problems to overcome – Why community infrastructure collapses
  • Barriers – Changing culture: Managing staff, volunteers and their expectations
  • Data – Understanding how technology can empower you, inform your strategy, commissioning and funding plans
  • Next steps – Planning ahead for real!!
Sally Higham (confirmed)
Activating A Community - Sharley Park – An Active Community Hub
  • The Context
  • The Challenges
  • Local Insight
  • The Response 
  • Questions and Answers
Rachel Fowler (confirmed)
Managing Director
Strategic Leisure
12:45-13:30 Workshop Presentations
Mobilising Insight - Barbirolli Room

Using examples from work with UEFA, GM Moving, RNLI, Sport England and Government to reflect on a journey through: - 

  • Mission alignment
  • Data dependancy 
  • Enhancing impact
  • Shared learning 
  • Thought leadership and influence
Tim Crabbe (confirmed)
Parks, Public Health and Social Prescribing: Delivering Integrated Solutions in Primary Prevention. - Charles Hallé Room
  • Setting the scene
  • The Parks for Health Assessment Toolkit
  • Multiple Parks Health Analysis
  • The Parks and Green Spaces Health Framework
  • Applying the evidence in the real world
Mr Richard Tisdall (confirmed)
Managing Director
Tisdall Associates Limited
13:30-14:30 Lunch and Networking
Served in the exhibitor zone
14:30-15:15 Workshop Presentations
The Sum is Greater Than The Parts - Barbirolli Room
  • How partnerships can use primary and open data to better engage with inactive and under-represented communities to affect lasting change.
  • A panel discussion with contributors for Wigan’s SHAPE (Sport, Health and Physical Education) board exploring how collaborative leadership, offline  partnership and robust data can better inform programme design, engagement strategies and achieve positive participation outcomes.
Tom Flower (confirmed)
Head of Community
Wigan Athletic FC Community Trust
Mr Jeff Gorse (confirmed)
Performance Management Officer
Inspiring healthy lifestyles
Ms Alice John (confirmed)
Business Development Manager
Emma McNamara (confirmed)
Service Manager in Public Health and Adult Social Care
Wigan Public Health
Hazel Musgrove (confirmed)
Development Manager, Research and Insight
The Active School Run: The Dutch Approach to Enabling Active and Independent Journeys - Charles Hallé Room
  • Dutch school children are among the healthiest and happiest in the world.
  • Two-thirds of journeys to schools are made by cycling and walking.
  • How does the physical environment around schools in the Netherlands differ from the UK?
  • How can we create safer, more active places and help transform the family experience of journeys to school?
Jason Colbeck (confirmed)
Urban Design and Mobility Consultant
Johan Diepens (confirmed)
15:20-16:30 Afternoon Plenary Session - Barbirolli Room
A Warm Welcome to the Afternoon Plenary Session
Yvonne Harrison (confirmed)
Managing Director
Project `92
Changing Communities
  • Why disadvantaged communities - what are the key issues?
  • Think assets not deficits
  • How an asset based approach can help create active communities
Ceris Anderson (confirmed)
Head of Knowledge & Insight
Physical Activity Inequalities and the Impact of Youth Crime and Violence in the Community
  • Health inequalities in the lives of disaffected and disadvantaged communities continue to challenge policies, strategies, initiatives and resources. 
  • The mental, physical and emotional impact on disillusioned young people has lead to anti-social gang-related behaviour and extremism.
  • There is currently a lack of a truly integrated policy and strategic approach in improving the physical activity efforts to date by sports inclusion, participation and development for peace.
Geoff Thompson (confirmed)
Executive Chair MBE, FRSA, DL
The Youth Charter
Questions and Answers With the Panel
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